Bosphorus Legal Partners is a full-service law firm in Istanbul, Turkey, offering tailored and top tier legal services to domestic and international clients.

We combine legal expertise with commercial experience and provide the best solution for each specific client, by using our deep understanding of trade and our insight on business sectors. We support our clients on their most complex transactions or in their most challenging lawsuits and we stand shoulder to shoulder with them as their business partners. Especially for the foreign investors entering into Turkish market, our comprehensive local knowledge enables us to deliver successful outcomes. Whether it is a one-time deal or part of a long-term strategy, we are committed to help our clients in achieving their business goals.

For our non-corporate clients; we support them in their everyday legal issues. Our legal team is competent to represent our clients in every practice area of the law in order to protect their rights and to make sure that the justice has been served.

As a law firm, we are aware of the sacred values of being a lawyer and our duties within the society. As a part of our social responsibility initiative; we provide pro bono legal services to governmental or non-governmental organizations, charities and associations working with environmental and social missions.

Our Difference

We combine legal expertise with commercial experience and provide solutions which exceeds our clients' expectation.


Our services are in global standards and as a law firm, we give great importance to provide perfect quality work for our clients.

Team Work

Our hard working and devoted lawyer team, shows great example of jobsharing and works in harmony in order to solve legal problems in quickest ways.


Our team consist of lawyers who previously had role in projects which are important for Turkey and represented clients various notable lawsuits.

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